Media Room: House plans - Tuscan Treasure with Two Rotundas

Resurging Interest in Special Function Rooms

Media Room: House plans - Tuscan Treasure with Two Rotundas

Media Room in “Tuscan Treasure with Two Rotundas” (Click image to view complete house plans.)

Special Function Rooms are those extra living spaces that are customized for the particular needs or desires of the individual homeowner. For many these are considered a luxury, so it’s no surprise that since the housing market has begun to take an upturn, so has interest in special function rooms (indoors and out). The average home size is becoming larger, allowing space for extra rooms that for a time might have been considered expendable.

Another influence is the shift in how homeowners view their living spaces. While we still want our private castle where we can escape the rat race and unwind, rooms for entertaining are also a top priority. As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is”, and while those special rooms can be all about self-indulgence, they can also allow for sharing good times with friends and family.

One of the most popular trends is living outdoors. Pools are larger with fountains, waterfalls, and other resort-style features to add to the enjoyment. Decks and poolside areas include inviting furniture arrangements with comfortable seating, just the sort of place you want to sit and enjoy for hours on end.

Meanwhile your hostess needn’t miss any of the fun because with today’s outdoor kitchens, there is no reason to have to go inside. Grilling is still tops for cooking, but add the convenience of a refrigerator, ice machine, wet bar, sinks, and plenty of counter space for cooking and serving.

In winter there are wood burning fireplaces and fire pits to keep you warm. In summer there are misting systems to keep you cool. Any time of year, those misting systems can also keep away mosquitoes and other annoying pests. In many areas of the country, homeowners can enjoy outdoor living virtually year round.

Special function rooms are also a huge hit for indoors. On the practical side, the home office is still popular, along with differing versions of the:

  • Mud Room
  • Exercise/fitness
  • Storm room
  • Hidden or “safe” room
  • Game room
  • Home theater
  • Hobby room
  • In-law and au pair suites

For pure enjoyment, game rooms top the list. For modest budgets this can be as simple as a room with a big screen TV, comfy seating, and a table for card games. If space allows, it doesn’t cost much to spiff up the room with extras like a mini microwave, small frig, or portable wet bar.

When the sky is the limit, a luxury game room might incorporate any interest that suits the homeowner. Pictured above is a home theater room complete with rows of plush seating, but perhaps you’d prefer to view movies from your indoor hot tub, which is located close to the fire place for a super cozy atmosphere in winter.

Whatever you create, use that special space to turn a set of house plans into your very own dream home.

The media room pictured above is from the house plans “Tuscan Treasure With Two Rotundas”. Click the image below to view these plans, or go to the Architectural Designs House Plans website and browse through thousands of gorgeous homes.

House Plans - Tuscan Treasure with Two Rotundas

Tuscan Treasure with Two Rotundas